Addiction, Mental Health & Social Housing Program Directory

Click the cover page pictured below or this link to access the 2022 version of the directory.

Updated December 2 2021

PLEASE ACCESS THE DIRECTORY CONTINUALLY THROUGH THE LINK PROVIDED ABOVE, AND REFRAIN FROM SAVING OR PRINTING THE PDF. This will ensure that the most accurate information is consistently being referenced, given that this directory is updated frequently. Pages can be printed or shared individually at the time they are needed.

About this project

This resource is a compilation of information collected from a variety of sources and with support from a variety of agencies. The information on some pages was provided from the operators directly, and other information was drawn from publicly accessible, online materials.

This document was initiated and compiled by two professional practice groups, the Inner City Occupational Therapists of Edmonton (ICOTE) and the Edmonton Zone Addiction and Mental Health Social Work Practice Council, in an effort to improve access to information and connection to appropriate housing and related services for people in and around Edmonton.


Please contact the Inner City Occupational Therapists of Edmonton (ICOTE) at the following email address with any questions or feedback about the directory:

If you have questions about specific sites or services, please direct these to the contact listed on the page belonging to that site or service.

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